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ARMAN - Lenin - Dialectic Interpretations
Arman - Dialectic Interpretations


Titel : Dialectic Interpretations, 1992

Thema : Lenin

Grösse :   300 x 200 x 50 cm
Beschreibung :

Strategies of Accumulations
This work is composed of an accumulation of 16 busts of Lenin, sculpted in bronze, each one placed in a compartment made of iron. Certainly Arman has already created accumulations of sculpture, but this one includes several innovations. Formerly, the accumulated objects were piled up one on the other, either held together by wires or welded. Here, they appear to be floating and presented in compartments open from the front. The material used for the container is a departure as well. In the past, Arman used a wooden box, painted white or black, and when the technical developments of his time permitted, he used plexiglass. This new material transparent and solid should have been the ideal container for his accumulations. However in using it, Arman realized that plexi was not always very transparent and that the resulting mass constituted in itself a new object. In this sculpture, the chosen material is a thin metal, solid and weather-resistant for its 3 x 2 meter size, since it is an outdoor sculpture. The support is so thin and barely visible.

Strategy of the cut
Each head of Lenin is cut with a different angle. It could almost be a study of cuts of cuts of sculpted busts which recall the 1963 studies of cuts, and cuts of violins where all the different methods of cutting were visually described. The gesture of the cut has become simpler and unique, as each bust has but one cut and the two halfs, sometimes unequal, are independent – the right half and the left half, the top half and the bottom half, the concave angle and the convex angle…

Dialectic Strategies
The strategy of accumulation and of the cuts create a new strategy in this work: the Dialectic. Cut off the front of Lenin’s face and you have “the face of Marxisme/Lenine”, the rest is “Marxisme/Lenine without the face”. Cut the top of the head horizontally, and you have “the brain of Marxisme/Lenine”, and the rest of the head is nothing more than “Marxisme/Lenine without the brain”.
Arman Werke - Lenin
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