El Sitio oficial de Arman
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l'art prend tout son sens au travers de ces oeuvres!!! il a su exploiter toutes ces capacités pour nous en mettre plein les yeux Merci.....
lindsay - metz - 2011-08-14
Thank you for your passion of expression,as a mutlimedia developing artist I would like to thank you for sharing your gift with the world!peace &love ...........art forever!!!!!!!!!
Michael Ewing - USA - 2011-06-13
Just visited the exhibition in Tinguely museum in Basel, a perfect way to re or discover Arman....
LUSCHER Pascale - Switzerland - 2011-02-21
...........sugar for brain!!!!...... Grazie.
Stefano Casagrande - Italia - Roma - 2011-01-04
Five years ago I bought à sculpture of Arman in Amsterdam. Every day I am so happy with this centre piece in my house which belongs here so very much next to my viola and my steinway. by coincidence (the pictures reminded me just a little bit of my own environment and lifstyle). I read a few weeks ago the article about his widow in IHT and now I would like to know more about Arman so I am excited discovering this website Anne Marie Stordiau
Anne Marie Stordiau - netherlands - 2011-01-03
Merci de vos bons voeux et veuillez accepter en retour les miens pour la nouvelle année. Que 2011 voit s'amplifier les manifestations cosacrées a votre mari et père Amitiés Pr J.Amiel (NICE -France) P.S.: A toutes fins utiles et si vous pensez que cela pourrait etre utile je serai très honoré de participer à titrte gracieux au comité que vous etes en train d'élaborer
amiel jean - france - 2011-01-03
L'exposition au Centre Pompidou est magnifique. Bonne critique de la consommation, théâtre de boulversements esthétiques. :)
Anna - - 2010-12-11
Merci beaucoup à vous pour vos oeuvres, vos connaissances et votre personnalité, j'ai beaucoup appris grâce à cela. Respect à votre talent.
Stephanie - France - 2010-11-12
Every time Im feeling mellow - Im just a click away from relief by a visit to this fantastic webbpage - what a man - Im full of admiration for such brilliant creativity. PG
PG Persson - Sweden - 2010-09-01
EUGENE J. KRINSKY - USA - 2010-08-18
MIL GRACIAS............................................. POR TU PRESCENCIA EN EL ARTE.
ABEL GALVAN................... - MEXICO - 2010-04-05
Corice Many thanks for both your Arman's and friendship. You two magnificent people have been wonderful to me. Just remember I do not eat fish and I love to quote Stephen Wright to Corice. Yves and Armand are now play in their accumulation of the voids probably in Japanese armor. love and respct. yours, Steve
Steve Alpert` - U.S.A. - 2010-03-15
très beau site, qui donne de l'inspiration
Gwenaelle - france - 2010-02-21
superbe, magnifique et tres inspirer, dommage j'ai decrouvre Arman's euvre tard dans mon vie...et pas sans son vie... beaux arts et un beau mec! magnificent and superbe work, verry inspiring, sadly i discover Arman's work so late in my life and not during his life.. beautyfull art and beautyful man
Cor Windhouwer - Netherlands - 2010-02-15
magnifique!!! rien à rajouter tu es l'artiste !!!
David - metz - 2010-02-06
Dear Arman, I am writing to you as you are alive, because you leave to us the possibility to speak with you everyday looking at your operas. See you later Matteo
matteo tomasina - italy - 2010-01-09
It was great to learn a little more human side of Arman. Having seen some of his art and now getting to know more about the man years later.
Meaghan McLean Boisfeuillet - USA - 2010-01-07
Corice, My grandaughter and I were on the phone and the computer at the same time. She asked me to type our last name into the address, and see what we get. To our suprise, we got your web site. We were amazed!! We are very happy to share our name with you and we will tell all of our reletives and friends........ What a Pleasent Suprise. Lin & Paige Arman
Lin Arman - us - 2009-11-10
Site magnifique, plein de promesses, une mine d'informations mises en couleurs avec des mots et des scénographies simples. on cerne bine la personnalité d'un homme de son temps et l'âme d'un poète du réel.
Virginie Chuimer-Layen - France - 2009-10-28
I love the website, great job Corice and Yazzie and of course, this art will live for ever. Paulina
Paulina Rogawski - USA - 2009-09-13
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